Cast of Characters

Boston Blackie had a limited cast of regular characters. There is the goofy side kick, the lovely girlfriend, and the suspicious Inspector.

George E Stone


The Goofy Side Kick

Runt, played by George E. Stone, fits the bill for the goofy side kick. He was also Blackie’s accomplice and foil when trying to get around gthe police. Runt provided comic relief as well as help.




Jan MinerThe Lovely Girlfriend

Mary Wesley was Blackie’s girlfriend and assistant. Played by Jan Miner and Leslie Woods, Mary helped Blackie solve cases and, when needed, befuddle the police and send them in the wrong direction. Occasionally Mary even talked Inspector Farraday into giving Blackie the benefit of the doubt.



Maurice TarplinThe Suspicious Inspector

Inspector Farraday never wanted to give Blackie the benefit of the doubt. Once a crook, always a crook, though this routine did wear thin over 233 radio episodes. The Inspector was played by Dick Lane, Frank Orth, and Maurice Tarplin over the radio show’s five year run.